Software Solutions

As the need for fast and efficient ways to manage, organize and deliver data increase each day We are at the fore front to bring to you the best software and computer applications that will do everything for you. Our software solutions cover all computing platforms that is to say Windows, Linux, Mac OS and UNIX systems. These software solutions mainly feature; Antivirus software, Office software, video and audio production, Networking and IT, Database Management Systems among others.


Software & computer applications

Software development, maintenance and database solutions

  • Software requirement identification
  • Application development
  • Supply of custom software
  • Maintenance of existing systems (particularly open source)
  • Operating systems
  • Office applications & desktop applications
  • Graphics and video editing & multimedia
  • Antivirus software


Hardware Services

  • Supply of computing equipment and accessories
  • Server maintenance
  • Computer maintenance
  • Other network devices and accessories maintenance

Internet (web) applications

  1. Dynamic (and static or informative) website development
  2. External and internal communication management
  3. Interactive web applications
  4. Web mail systems
  5. SMS systems
  6. Mobile web applications
  7. VoIP Applications e.g. JTOK

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