The Uganda Martyrs Orphans’ Project (UMOP) is an indigenous nonprofit, started in 1990 by a young girl called Margaret Anyokorit Angoye. Margaret, completed her first College degree and soon joined the religious congregation of the daughters of St. Paul. She was forced to leave the congregation before she took the vows as a novice because she was discovered to be infected with HIV the virus that causes AIDS. At that time, the world had just come to know of the virus and everybody was scared of it. It would be remembered that this was a very dark period in the history of Uganda; particularly for children born in the eighties.(Six out of every ten children, were orphans of either HIV/AIDS or war. Margaret herself was an orphan as a result of the civil unrest that engulfed Uganda during the reign of Ugandan Dictatorial president of the time, IDI AMIN. On her return to her village in Osukuru-Tororo


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